Winter Bird Report

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Scientists from Teatown Lake Conservation have identified 39 bird species in recent visits to the Greens to Green Conservancy. Here is their full report on our winter birds:

“Winter bird observations have yielded a species count of 39. The species listed below include those recorded during point count surveys, opportunistic observations (species observed on property or in adjacent property, but not recorded during points counts), birds that flew over, and waterfowl. All identification was made using visual and audio observation. Inventories took place on 12/20/12 and 1/17/13. Additional opportunistic surveys took place on 2/6/13.

American black duck

American crow

American goldfinch

American robin

Black-capped chickadee

Blue jay

Brown creeper


Carolina wren

Canada goose

Cooper’s hawk

Dark-eyed junco

Downy woodpecker

European starling

Fish crow

Golden-crowned kinglet

Great blue heron

Hairy woodpecker

Hooded merganser

House finch

House sparrow



Mourning dove

Northern cardinal

Northern flicker

Ring-billed gull

Ring-necked duck

Red-breasted nuthatch

Red-bellied woodpecker

Red-tailed hawk

Rock pigeon

Ruddy duck

Song sparrow

Tufted titmouse

Turkey vulture

White-breasted nuthatch

Winter wren

White-throated sparrow
Photo Credit: By Manjithkaini (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons


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