Think Global, Eat Local

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What’s more local – and satisfying – than eating produce at the peak of freshness from an organic garden located right in the heart of White Plains, a garden tended to by students and the White Plains community? The Greens to Green Conservancy and FASNY White Plains have plans for three such gardens: the proposed community gardens in the Conservancy, the FASNY school garden on campus and the FASNY greenhouse classroom. Produce grown could be enjoyed by the school and locals, with surplus donated to local food banks.


Why is this important? Community and school gardens not only promote healthful eating and stewardship of the land, they also offer a place for neighbors to come together. They’re sustainable, non-GMO and promote the health and wellness of individuals and the society they live in – as well as the global community by eliminating the need for fuel-guzzling transportation.


As Robyn O’Brien says, it’s patriotism on a plate.



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