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One by one people are voicing their support for the Greens to Green Conservancy and the French-American School of New York in White Plains. See what some of your neighbors are saying to the Common Council:

Looks like a wonderful plan with open space for all residents to use – better than more residential houses!
- J.G., White Plains Resident

FASNY’s purchase of the former golf club secures open space in the community while adding to our city’s educational resources. It is smart use of the property and adds to White Plains’ profile as a hub for corporate and international business.
- K.H., White Plains Resident

I am in favor of the sustainable environmentally responsible proposed plan being put forth by FASNY.  The intention is sensitive to the concerns of the surrounding homeowners and is superior to what could possibly be developed on this site if in the hands of a developer or even the city of White Plains which cannot afford to purchase it in the first place. The history of the various FASNY schools reveal increased real estate values in those designated areas and increased local commerce.
- G.A., White Plains Resident

What can be better for a multi-cultural city than a school that adds a different cultural perspective. Additionally, this particular school’s commitment to environmentally sound practices – parks and other nature activities for the community at no expense – seems to me to make it a no-brainer. Welcome to the FASNY!
- A.K., White Plains Resident

There isn’t enough open space in the ever growing city to relax and enjoy nature!
- M.W., White Plains Resident

I’ve lived in this area since 1967 and seen too many beautiful “green spaces” become “concrete jungles”.   We’re loosing many beautiful old trees, ponds and wildlife. I live [near a lake] in White Plains. We actually have some amazing wildlife here including a bullfrog, a huge turtle, hummingbirds, egrets, woodpeckers, deer and many types lovely songbirds! Would like to see more parks and preserves in this area before we build over all the little of greenspace we have left.
- S.M. White Plains Resident

Be a part of the movement. Sign the petition here, and tell your friends and family to sign. Every voice counts!


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