What is Undevelopment?

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The Greens to Green Conservancy will be a study in undevelopment. Quite simply, undevelopment is allowing the land, which was highly managed and manipulated in its 80 years as a golf course, to return to a more natural state. Native grasses will be nurtured, meadows will replace fairways and wet areas will take on their natural character. And it will all be open to you to enjoy.

For 80 years, this land was a private country club and golf course.  During this time, artificial land management techniques included heavy irrigation, extensive use of pesticides and fungicides and the introduction of non-native plant species.

What happens when land is allowed to return to a more natural state? It’s something that local scientists are eager to watch unfold and examine. We have partnered with local leading experts in habitat management, Teatown Lake Reservation, to oversee and advise us on this transition.

We look forward to watching the transformation. We invite you to join us.

But before any of it can happen, we need a vote of approval from the White Plains Common Council. Please voice your support here.




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